Star Trek: Discovery Actor Tig Notaro Confirms Jett Reno's Season 4 Return

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We already know that Star Trek: Discovery is getting another awesome season that will continue the ongoing story of Michael Burnham. But which members of the Discovery crew will be back in Season 4? Tig Notaro has just confirmed that Jett Reno will be back for another season.

Notaro was recently a guest on the Fitz Dog Radiopodcast where she spoke about her current projects, promoting Army of the Dead and her own podcast show. Interestingly, the comedian also confirmed that her role in Discovery Season 4 will be limited due to COVID-19 constraints.


"Well I'm just a recurring character on Star Trek and it's in Toronto and I didn't feel safe flying, so I forfeited some work there. But the other chunk of work is supposed to be in May and so hopefully things will be in better shape with the pandemic in May. And if not, I'll just drive out there probably…" Notaro said.

Credit: CBS

Not surprisingly, she also credited showrunner Alex Kurtzman for making things so enjoyable on the set.

"So hopefully in May I can go back out and finish, but it was just too much for me to go two times to Toronto for one season as a guest star. But I love it. My friend [Kurtzman] was a creator of this Discovery show so I've known him since I moved to L.A. 22 years ago and he put me on the show. So yeah, that's where life has led me," Notaro said.


We're somehow disappointed that Notaro's character will not appear in more episodes but considering the current situation, it's better to be safe than sorry. Needless to say, we can't wait to see what happens next for Jett in Season 4.

The 12th episode of Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 is titled There Is A Tide... and will premiere on CBS All Access on December 31.

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