Star Trek: Discovery Actor Doug Jones Still Eager to Return in Hellboy 3

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He might be playing Saru in Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 yet again but that doesn't mean Doug Jones isn't wishing he could still portray a completely different character. The Shape of Water star has just admitted that he is eager to reprise his role as Abe Sapien in a possible Hellboy 3.

There is little doubt that Abe Sapien is one of Jones' most beloved roles. After all, Blue had an awesome relationship with Red in the first two Hellboy movies and fans were hoping to see more of Jones and Perlman together in a third film. However, the franchise ended up getting rebooted, leaving the original actors behind.


For now, it is unclear if the original Hellboy film series will get another sequel. Nevertheless, Jones admitted to that he would jump at the opportunity to return as Abe in a heartbeat.

"If they were to do such a thing, and I was offered that, and I was free to do so, hell yes. I would be involved," Jones confessed.

Credit: CBS

We're loving the idea that we could still get the original Abe Sapien if a third Hellboy film is ever made. Hopefully, we'll get an update about this soon.


Jones appears in Star Trek: Discovery Season 3, which airs on CBS All Access every Thursday.

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