Star Trek: Deep Space Nine to Make its Return to Comics

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Star Trek fans will surely be delighted to know that Deep Space Nine will finally make its return to comics!


IDW Publishing recently announced that DS9 will have a mini-series that'll come in four parts. Titled Star Trek: Deep Space Nine — Too Long a Sacrifice, the series will be a "taut noir thriller" to be written by David Tipton and Scott Tipton, with illustrations by Greg Scott.

This series will be focusing on Constable Odo who was a beloved character brought to life by the late René Auberjonois. David Tipton says it will be set "during the most difficult hours of the Dominion War," where there'll be a series of mysterious terrorist attacks. In Too Long a Sacrifice, fans will get to "see the darker side of life on the station." Odo will lead the investigation and will eventually be forced to face "new and unexpected allies" along the way.

"We're so excited to return to the world of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. With its ‘frontier setting' and precarious place in the galaxy, Deep Space Nine offers the opportunity to tell truly unique tales of intrigue and suspense," Scott Tipton said. "Combine that with one of the best character ensembles ever assembled, and you get something no other Star Trek series can offer."

Artist Greg Scott is also excited to "spend time" with the DS9 crew and he "can't wait" to draw the beloved characters. Editor Chase Marotz is confident that both David and Scott Tipton will "deliver a story that fans will love."


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine — Too Long a Sacrifice's first issue will make its debut in April 2020.

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