Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Documentary Pays Tribute To Aron Eisenberg

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Fans are still mourning the death of Aron Eisenberg, who passed away last week at the age of 50. Now a new Star Trek: Deep Space Nine documentary is paying tribute to the man who played Nog.

The tribute to Eisenberg was shared on the official What We Left Behind YouTube channel, which follows the ongoing Deep Space Nine documentary of the same name. The video features an emotional Eisenberg, who took part in the documentary, talking about how the series has truly affected his life. You can watch it below.

In addition to the tribute from his Deep Space Nine family, a GoFundMe campaign has been launched in an effort to raise funds for Eisenberg's memorial. The petition has only been launched for a week but has already collected $33,899.

"We are shocked to hear about the untimely passing of Aron Eisenberg. He was a kind person with an energetic and positive personality. His quick wit would put a smile on anyone's face, and fill a room with laughter," the description for the GoFundMe reads. "The purpose of this GoFundMe is to help give back to Aron's family by helping to pay for any funeral expenses they incur."

You can support the GoFundMe for Eisenberg's memorial here.

Eisenberg's passing was confirmed by his wife Malissa Longo in a Facebook post. The cause of death has not been revealed but there is a possibility that it may have been connected to Eisenberg's lifelong struggle with kidney disease.

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