Star Trek Actor Comments on Trekkies' Initial Reaction to The Next Generation

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There is little doubt that Star Trek: The Next Generation is one of the most beloved shows in history. However, it didn't always start out that way. Jonathan Frakes has spoken up about the fans' initial reaction to the series when it first debuted.

Frakes recently took part in a live chat with GalaxyCon where he discussed his involvement with Star Trek: Picard and Star Trek: Discovery. Interestingly, the man who plays Will Riker also commented on how Trekkies first reacted to The Next Generation.


"The audience were very hardcore Original Series fans," Frakes said. "They were skeptical. They were suspicious. They were generally not terribly interested and completely unfamiliar with the new Star Trek which had a bald English captain with a French name, and an entirely new cast. They wanted their Kirk, Spock, and Bones Star Trek."

It's understandable why people reacted a certain way. After all, the characters in TNG were completely new to them. On the other hand, things eventually changed for the series.

"I don't think it wasn't until the second or third year when the show really got good," Frakes said. "And remember we did 26 a year, so that is a lot. It was 50, 60 shows in. They realized there was room in their worlds for both shows."


This could be the case with a show like Discovery, which features completely new characters. Needless to say, we're looking forward to seeing the series grow into its own in the upcoming season.

Star Trek Discovery Season 3 is expected to premiere on CBS All Access later this year.

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