Star Trek 4 Director Possibly Confirms New Film Will be Another Reboot

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We already know that Star Trek 4 is happening but it's still unclear whether the new film will be another sequel to the current reboot or if it will take a completely different direction. However, it looks like Noah Hawley may have confirmed that we are getting yet another reboot soon.

Hawley, who has signed on to write and direct Star Trek 4, recently spoke to Collider where he was asked about his upcoming project. Interestingly, the Legion showrunner admitted he has big plans for the movie.

"I have my own take and my own things that I want to do with it. Having done this 40-hour homage to the Coens, and having done a Marvel series, I always approach this material understanding that people are really invested in these stories, and I treat the material with real respect, but I'm going to tell my own story now," Hawley said. He then added that he is ready to do something new with Star Trek.


"I always feel, as a fan, if there's something that I love and somebody tells me new stories, I get excited. I'm excited there's going to be another Matrix movie. I don't need it to be the old Matrix movie," Hawley said. "I'm excited to see characters used in new ways, or new characters, or whatever it is."

So does this mean that we won't see the cast from J.J. Abrams' Star Trek films? Hawley was careful with his response.

"It's still early days," he said. "For me, it's definitely a new direction, but it's still early, in terms of who exactly would be in it or what the characters would be. I don't think of it as Star Trek 4, to be reductive. This is a new beginning."

Interestingly, it's beginning to sound like the Enterprise will be getting a completely new crew. Hopefully, Hawley will give us some new updates about the film in the near future.

Star Trek 4 has not yet been given an official release date. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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