Stan Lee Says Star Wars/Avengers Crossover Film Could Happen

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With Disney owning both Marvel universes and Star Wars, fans have been dreaming to see a crossover between the two mega-franchises for years, but that's probably not going to happen. But Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee has weighed in on the odds of such a meeting would ever happen.

In a recent interview with Big Issue, Lee was asked if his Marvel characters would ever come together in a movie, despite film rights for characters like X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Deadpool are being held by Fox instead of Marvel/Disney.

"Yeah, probably," he said. "It'll be the most expensive film ever produced! But anything that the public want to see you can be sure it will eventually be produced."


When asked about a Star Wars/Marvel crossover, Lee said: "Well, I don't know how many characters you can have in a movie but obviously the people who produce these things are looking to be as successful as possible," said Lee. "If they feel that incorporating Star Wars with the Marvel characters will be very successful, they'll find a way to do it. Can you imagine Spider-Man saying: 'May the force be with you'? It may come to that!"

As Lee tells it, like how the first Avengers lineup was formed, there must be some reason for heroes to come together under a common cause.

"We did it in the comics. I created the Avengers by taking many of our characters and making a team out of them," said Lee. "We can have as many characters join the Avengers as we want to for future movies. That might be fun too – all of a sudden Luke Skywalker is an Avenger!"

If they were to make this crossover happen, wow could their characters cross universes? What kind of threat would force heroes from both universes come together? While a lot of fans would love to see this crossover come to life, it's probably not going to happen.