Squid Game Star Lee Jung Jae, Parke Hae Soo Officially On Instagram; See Other Cast Members On Social Media

Credit: Netflix

Credit: Netflix

Squid Game star Lee Jung Jae didn't expect that the Korean survival TV series would be a hit internationally. Following the success of Squid Game, more and more have gotten to know Lee and the rest of the cast members.

For those who want to follow Lee and the other Squid Game cast members, continue reading!

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Squid Game Lead Star Lee Jung Jae Joins Instagram

Lee Jung Jae joined Instagram Saturday. Lee has been on the show business for 28 years and didn't have any social media presence. But following the massive global success of Squid Game, he decided to join Instagram.

He shared a selfie on the photo-sharing platform for his first post. In the caption, he jokingly wrote, "Is this… how I do this…?"

"If you're going to use your face like this, would you give it to me," Netflix Korea replied to his post.

In just two days, Lee has garnered 1.5 million followers on Instagram already. He already has three posts on his account and the other two were taken on the set of Squid Game.

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Lee's Squid Game Co-star Park Joined Instagram Too

Aside from Lee, his Squid Game co-star Park Hae Soo decided to be on Instagram too. Park who played Sang woo, Gi-hun's childhood best friend in the K-drama marked his presence on the social media platform by sharing a smiling selfie.

"I also participated, this is Park Hae Soo," he wrote in the caption, per India Times.

Other Squid Game Stars On Instagram

Most of the Squid Game cast members who have a long screen time in the series are present on Instagram.

Check out the links below to follow them.

Anupam Tripathi (Abdul Ali)- Probably, the most beloved character in Squid Game. Anupam already has 2.2 million followers.

Jung Ho-Yeon (Kang Sae-Byeok) - Jung has been on Instagram for a while because she already has over 900 posts and has amassed 13 million followers.

Lee Yoo-Mi (Ji-Yeong) - Lee has already 99 posts and 4.5 million followers and counting. Although she played a relatively small role on Squid Game, she is an experienced actress with over two dozen of projects under her belt, according to Screen Rant.

Heo Sung-Tae (Jang Deok-Su). You probably hate him on Squid Game, but in real life, he is a pet lover. He regularly shares pictures of his cats on Instagram.

Kim Joo-Ryung (Han Mi-Nyeo)

Her character on Squid Game is probably the loudest one and it's easy to hate her on the show. In real life, Ki loves to share wholesome insights about her personal life.

Wi Ha-Joon (Hwang Jun-Ho)

He has one of the biggest online followings among the cast members next to Jung with 5.6 million followers. He usually shares clips and teasers of his projects on social media.

Lee Byung-Hun (In-Ho)

The Front Man in Squid Game is also present on Instagram. He has already made 238 posts with 316K followers on the social media platform.

Oh Young-Soo (Oh Il-Nam)

Player 001 which is rumored to be Gi-hun's biological father in the hit Netflix series is also present on Instagram. He has shared a lot of photos from Squid Game on his account. He joined the platform last month a day before Squid Game premiered on Netflix.

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