Lee Jung Jae Sparks Squid Game Season 2 Rumors After Donning His Famous 456 Tracksuit

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Credit: Netflix

The rave for Netflix's Squid Game continues on as we get more and more Easter eggs from post-production interviews with the crew. The hit Netflix series is here to stay in our hearts and minds for a long time. So, every bit of news about the cast is always a gem for us fans.

Squid Game was aired back on September 9 on Netflix and it has become one of the highest-rated shows on the online streaming app. It is also in the running for most-watched series on Netflix. The lovable and unique characters in the story have really got fans craving for more.

As of now, we will just have to stick with tidbits of information about our favorite Squid Game casts.


Squid Game'sLee Jung Jae Wears His Iconic Green Tracksuit

We don't really miss Lee Jung Jae, who plays Seong Gi Hun in the series, wearing his infamous tracksuit. But, it gives fans some anxiety since it is the uniform they wore during the Squid Game contest. Yet, somehow, it does give viewers hope that Squid Game Season 2 might happen in the near future.

A recent photo uploaded by Lee Jung Jae's talent agency, Artist Company, showed our loveable ajussi wearing his Squid Game 456 Tracksuit. This time around, he looks very dapper in it, with his hair backcombed and him wearing a huge grin. It was quite the opposite look he had during the entire Squid Game series.

Fams are very excited to catch more of Lee Jung Jae as we sit and wait for announcements regarding its possible future installments.

Squid Game'sWi Ha Joon Instagram Following Hits 2.3 Million

Meanwhile, the heartthrob police in Squid Game, Hwang Jun Ho (Wi Ha Joon), has found himself gaining hundreds of thousands of fans after he appeared in the hit Netflix series. In just a span of 11 days, his Instagram following skyrocketed to over 2.3 million and still counting.

We can't blame fans of the show, Wi Ha Joon is a sight to behold and his role in Squid Game perfectly suited him. There's a lot we want to ask about his character though, will we see him again? Is he still alive? Will he be joining the Squid Game if there is still one? Hopefully, all our queries will be answered soon.

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