Squid Game: Is Player Number 001 Gi-Hun’s Long Lost Father?

Gi-hun meets player number 001 for the first time in Squid Game
Credit: Netflix

Gi-hun meets player number 001 for the first time in Squid Game
Credit: Netflix

One of the first special connections made on Squid Game was between Player Number 001, Oh Il-nam, and Player Number 456, Seong Gi-hun.

Not everyone would have chosen an old man as a teammate like Gi-hun did, but it showed the heart of the series in spite of his gambling addiction and definitely upheld the excitement of the series until its last episode.

Now, given the many signs of Il-nam and Gi-hun’s relations, is Player Number 001 Gi-hun's long-lost father?

Squid Game may be a gambling game of death, but it stays as one of Netflix’s most viewed series on the streamer, enough to get a season 2 renewal at that.

The hit South Korean drama had its fans on the edge of their seat at each episode, given the change in gaming rules and dynamics amongst the players.

WARNING: This article is full of MAJOR SPOILERS for the ending of Squid Game, so read at your own risk!

Squid Game: Why Gi-Hun's Father Disappeared

Gi-hun has a grave decision to make
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Credit: Netflix

Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae) and his mother (Kim Young-ok) have never really openly discussed his father, but Squid Game did set up the stage that the father abandoned the family, not that he died.

There are also no picture frames that have Gi-hun’s father in them, it wasn’t an added detail to the series at all, which could mean the family is trying to conceal the father’s identity.

When Il-nam first talked about family, he also admitted having been estranged due to his tendencies to gamble. Too much of a coincidence?

Squid Game: Signs Proving Player Number 1 Is Gi-hun’s Father

Gi-Hun's Immediate Connection with Player Number 001

Player 001 playing Red Light, Green Light
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Credit: Netflix

The fact that Seong Gi-hun is the last player (number 456), while Oh Il-nam is the first (001) is very telling on evidence that they could be related.

Considering that there’s always a pattern to who gets chosen as the new batch of players, 001 is quite obvious.

001 is involved in the mechanics of the game and simply sought to experience what he created himself.

Apart from the players’ most common denominator being that they all suffer from financial debts, many fans have theorized that Gi-hun is Il-nam’s son.

Upon Gi-hun first waking up on the island, Il-nam was the first person he noticed and walked up to, considering he was curious as to why an old man would come here.

Notably, he isn’t the only old person involved in the games, but he does seem to be the oldest member.

From that moment on, Gi-hun and Il-nam’s fate has been tied throughout the series.

Gi-hun Refuses To Drink Milk

Gi-hun doesn't like to drink milk
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Credit: Netflix

Right before the game began in Squid Game episode 3, the masked men were distributing bread and milk for breakfast among players.

When Gi-hun got his turn in line, he openly stated he doesn’t drink the ‘normal’ kind of milk, a note on how he’s a picky eater.

Il-nam also mentioned how his son also used to get spanked a lot for refusing to drink milk.

Although they both don’t realize how too similar the traits are, the viewers certainly picked up on the hints and easter eggs along the way.

Gi-hun and Il-nam Recognize The Same Neighborhood

Gi-hun and Player 001 recognize the same neighborhood alley
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Credit: Netflix

When Gi-hun and Il-nam had to play the marble game, they were immediately in awe at how familiar-looking the neighborhood setup was.

Il-nam even said, “When I was a kid, I lived in a neighborhood just like this.”

Though that means the neighborhood is quite old, how would this work on Gi-hun’s side?

Well, to be specific, when they were going down an alley in the village setup, both of them realized just how familiar this particular alleyway was to them in the past.

Not to mention, Il-nam even ended up coming through one of the gated houses to check it out for himself.

The house was ‘exactly’ like the home where he and his wife raised their son.

Gi-hun didn’t make any similar comment on that, but you have to admit that these sentimental feelings have been quite mutual since the beginning.

Gi-hun Has the Same Birthday as Il-nam’s ‘Son’

Gi-hun must stay still to save his life in Red Light, Green Light
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Credit: Netflix

In the first episode, you might remember Gi-hun punching in his birthday in an attempt to recover his mother’s card.

And Gi-hun’s birthday is 04-26 (April 26th), while later in the series, when Il-nam was recalling what day it was during the marble game, he remembers his son’s birthday is coming up on the 24th.

Granted that these dates are not on the same birthday, but it’s a pretty close date.

Gi-hun and Il-nam Are Both Compulsive Gamblers

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Player 001 and Gi-hun playing the marble game
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Credit: Netflix

Let’s not forget the most crucial connection here: they are both compulsive gamblers — the very reason they met in the first place.

Although in Gi-hun’s case, he was gambling for the sake of overcoming the harsh reality he has to deal with in terms of barely surviving off a few scraps.

When compared to Il-nam, the billionaire has been the mastermind behind the Squid Game held on the island for years, giving him all the money he could possibly ask for in the world.

Il-nam Wants Gi-hun To Be The Next Front Man

The Front Man of Squid Game
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Credit: Netflix

Being the Front Man in the Squid Game takes huge guts and courage since they control the overall mechanics of players and games, and ensure their clients are enjoying themselves.

On Il-nam’s deathbed, when he was alone with Gi-hun, the old man admitted he wanted to save Gi-hun and have him take the mantle of becoming the next Front Man.

This was revealed to be one of the perks after winning the Squid Game, as In-ho (the Front Man in the first season) won back in 2015.

Il-nam’s days of gambling are over, as made obvious in the finale episode of Squid Game Season 1, so this points to Gi-hun ‘inheriting’ the role.

Why else would Il-nam choose Gi-hun, though, if not due to his connection or potential family member?

So, Is Player Number 001 Gi-Hun's Long Lost Father?

Player 001 feels sentimental over a familiar-looking house
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Credit: Netflix

The ending of Squid Game revealed more than just the puppeteer pulling everyone’s strings behind the game itself.

Ultimately, Gi-hun and Il-nam were not confirmed to be father and son in the series, but there is a close possibility that they are related.

With Gi-hun’s last name being ‘Seong’, and Il-nam being ‘Oh’, there’s a chance they could be uncle and nephew, at most.

Let’s not forget the inconsistency of the series when it comes to Gi-hun’s birthday, which was April 24th at first, but in the finale episode, Gi-hun claimed it was October 31st.

As of writing, nothing has been confirmed yet. Hopefully, Squid Game Season 2 would strive to answer this little easter egg they had been dropping since Season 1.

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