Square Enix's Avengers will Tell a Story that Spans ‘Multiple Years’

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After the success of PS4's Spider-Man, Square Enix is looking to up the ante with the release of their Avengers game next year. What's interesting is, the developers are planning to add on the story post-launch, and we could be looking at years of content.

According to IGN, a representative of Crystal Dynamics had explained their plan for the length of the campaign for Avengers which is said to be comparable to the Tomb Raider games. The statement goes:


"Marvel's Avengers has an all-original, core campaign narrative comparable to previous Crystal Dynamics games. The numbers quoted were for Rise of the Tomb Raider; as we are still in development we have not yet finalized the exact number of hours for the campaign in Marvel's Avengers. This is the most ambitious game Crystal Dynamics has ever developed, and in addition to the main campaign narrative, we're crafting stories that will take fans on a journey over the course of multiple years."

If that's the case, some are expecting there to be multiple expansions coming to the game (much like Tomb Raider), and we could get stories or maybe even limited timed events.

For now, everyone is still waiting to see what's in store for Avengers: A-Day. While a lot of people were over the fence after the first trailer, the Kamala Khan reveal managed to win a lot of audiences over. Let's hope Square Enix manages to start a game franchise that's just as successful as the films.

Catch Marvel's Avengers when it comes out May 15, 2020.

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