Spyro Trilogy Confirmed? Activision Announces Remastered Games For 2018

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After the success of the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, fans have been salivating for Spyro the Dragon to get the same treatment. Since Activision owns the licenses for both properties, so it seems like a no-brainer, especially after the N. Sane Trilogy earned rave reviews and a ton of money.

It looks like the Spyro trilogy might be coming to fruition, as the company's annual report has confirmed a remastered game release for 2018.


Fans can look at the relevant piece of information from the report below and hope that these remastered games are Spyro:

We expect to release World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth and our latest Call of Duty game in the second half of 2018. In addition, we expect to deliver ongoing content for our various franchises, including expansion packs for Hearthstone and Destiny 2 , in-game events for Overwatch , and map packs for Call of Duty: WWII ,as well as releases of remastered versions of titles from our library of IP. We also expect to release at least two new mobile titles during 2018, including a social casino game from King.

Considering how in-demand the Spyro trilogy is, Activision would be dumb to not listen to these fans since it would be easy money. If not these games, fans would settle for a remaster of Crash Team Racing, with the visuals from the N. Sane Trilogy. While fans would be content with the Crash spin-off - pun intended - remastering the purple dragon's adventures will guarantee success. Expect a riot if the remaster ends up being Modern Warfare 2.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is available now on PS4.

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