Spider-Man: Watch Tom Holland Do Peter and Ned's Handshake with a Fan


Probably one of my favorite elements of Spider-Man: Homecoming is that they have Peter Parker a best friend in the form of Ned Leeds. The two actually have their own fun handshake in the films, and Tom Holland was nice enough to do it with a fan during one of his panels.

Check it out:

Tom Holland doing Peter & Ned’s handshake with a fan

It’s not perfect, but it’s cool enough that the girl should know most of it. If anything, she was probably too nervous since she actually got to do it with Holland himself.

For now, it looks like ‘the door is closed’ for Sony and Disney to make a deal. We don’t know how Sony is planning to move forward with Spider-Man for now, but a lot of fans are definitely not happy. While a lot of blame was going to Sony for pulling out Spider-Man, some are also starting to blame Disney for asking too much of the deal.

If anything, Holland is still coming back for a third Spider-Man movie, but it will have to cut ties with the MCU—confusing, as the MCU has spent so much time integrating Spider-Man into its world. They even got so far as to have Happy Hogan and Aunt May date.

Hopefully, negotiations go back up again soon. Maybe Sony (or Disney) is just waiting to see if they can indeed push forward without the MCU connections. Maybe they’ll change their mind if Venom 2 bombs? Then again, production would have already started for Spider-Man 3 by the time the Venom sequel hits theaters.

Catch Spider-Man: Far from Home still in theaters.

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