Spider-Man: Tom Holland Seems to Have Confirmed that Aunt May was 'Dusted' as Well

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Spider-Man: Far From Home comes out this Tuesday, and we're all getting close to see what happened to the MCU after the events of Endgame. While we never really find out what happened to May after Peter was gone for five years, it looks like Tom Holland has confirmed that she disappeared as well.

Talking to IGN, Holland (with Jake Gyllenhaal) was asked why Peter keeps changing beds in the films. As it turns out, Peter and May have had to do a lot of moving offscreen—most recently after the snap. Holland explains:

"In Spider-Man: Homecoming, [Peter and May] moved house, and in this film, the reason we're in a different apartment is because when we ‘blipped'—we were gone for five years, then we came back—people moved into other people's houses."

Though Endgame did give us a look at what happened to the characters five years after the Snap, we don't really find out much about how the rest of the world has moved on after half the population disappeared. With us following Peter Parker, we could get an idea of what happens at the ground level. Maybe we can even get a hint at that organization that Black Widow was running that dealt with children who were orphaned by the Snap.

Of course, I'm just speculating here. Until Spider-Man: Far From Home comes out officially, all we can really do is guess. Catch the movie in theaters July 2.

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