Spider-Man Star Elizabeth Banks Lobbied to Direct Thor: Ragnarok But was Ignored

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Credit: Columbia Pictures
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The God of Thunder has had an incredible journey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but I think we can all agree that Thor's first two solo outings left nothing to be desired. Thankfully, by the time Thor: Ragnarok came, Taika Waititi inserted himself into the equation and it did wonders for the character.

Thor 3
Credit: Marvel Studios

Speaking of the fan-favorite MCU flick, it turns out that one director once lobbied to take a crack at the project but her attempt went nowhere. In an interview with Variety during the press tour for her latest directorial venture Cocaine Bear, Elizabeth Banks, who appeared in all three of Sam Raimi's Spider-Man films as Betty Brant revealed that she was adamant about helming the third Thor film, so much so that she voluntarily threw her name into the mix of potential directors.

However, despite the fact that she got her foot on Marvel Studios' door, the production company ended up ignoring her pitch and instead hired Waititi to do the film, a decision she admits was the right call.

Banks said: "No one called me [back]. Taika Waititi got the job. Rightfully so."

She also revealed that Chris Hemsworth was the main reason she wanted to take on the project. "I have an attraction to the sensibility. That character being funny and knowing how good Chris is at making fun of himself, that’s my vibe."

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While it's a shame that Banks wasn't given the opportunity, I still think Marvel Studios will have something for her in the future. With the recent reports suggesting that Taika is out of Thor 5 due to Love and Thunder's mixed reception, maybe there's a chance Banks could take over the director's chair? Nothing is impossible in the MCU and we've long established that.

Meanwhile, Thor: Love and Thunder is available to stream on Disney+.