Spider-Man: No Way Home Writers Wanted More Daredevil Scenes

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One of the best cameos in Spider-Man: No Way Home was undoubtedly the surprise appearance of Matt Murdock who represented Peter Parker and made sure there wouldn't be any charges against the young web-slinger. However, it looks like Charlie Cox was supposed to play a larger role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe sequel. Writers Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers have confirmed that they wanted to give Daredevil more scenes in the film.

Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers worked together on the screenplay for Spider-Man: No Way Home and they have admitted that they wanted to include several Marvel characters in the movie. The writers were recent guests at The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith podcast where they confirmed they were excited about bringing in as many characters as possible.

"That was the challenge with this movie bringing all these other characters in. We love these characters, and you would love to see them do all kinds of stuff. But the question is, what is there room for? I could watch any of these characters we brought in just do a whole other movie by themselves or in some various combination, but we have to, ultimately, service the story of our Peter Parker and our Spider-Man," Sommers said.

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He added that they "had so many ideas" for the characters "but at the end of the day, there was only so much we could do, and we didn't want to do things that would distract from the story of our Peter and our Spider-Man."

So which character could have done more in No Way Home? "Once we knew we were gonna have Matt Murdock, it's like, 'He could do this, he could do that, that would be so cool, wouldn't that be great?'" Sommer said. "But ultimately, we always had to pull back on a lot of things to just make sure we maintained our focus."

It's easy to understand why McKee and Sommers were so eager to give Daredevil more scenes. However, there were other more important things happening in No Way Home and the best thing to do was to give Matt Murdock a small but important cameo. Hopefully, we'll see more of Charlie Cox's character in the MCU in the future.


Spider-Man: No Way Home is still screening in theaters.

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