05 Jul 2017 11:36 AM +00:00 UTC

Spider-Man: Homecoming Won’t Have a Lone Wolf Spidey

As the third Spider-Man movie in a short span of time, it's no wonder that fans are asking if it's still relevant to have another Spidey movie in what a superhero-dominated industry.

The challenge of ensuring that Spider-Man: Homecoming will stand out from previous iterations was accepted by director Jon Watts and the rest of the production crew, and it's boils down to one thing: balancing the hero with the growing up part.

To do this, Watts entailed the help of the Avengers; that is, Spider-Man: Homecoming is operating with the background story of the Avengers existing in the same timeline and city as Peter Parker. In an interview with Scifi Now, Watts revealed that this is a key element in making this version stand out:

"He was always so lonely before. In the other movies, he was always the only superhero in the world, and that's a different story."

What's more, we also have the context of a real coming-of-age story for our friendly neighborhood hero:

"By being able to jump past the origin story we're able to explore a side of Spider-Man that we haven't really got to see that much. Having him be young and stay young is good. I was much more keen on spending time with him when he was still a kid. I thought there was a lot more to be mined from that. And then also capturing just the excitement of what it would feel like to be that age and have those amazing powers."

While Spider-Man: Homecoming will dabble in the lighthearted fun of being a super kid, that doesn't mean that Watts won't explore dramatic scenes. He admitted that there will be those scenes, but the concept of a fun experience, set in the real Queens, will be the main tone of the movie.

Spider-Man: Homecoming will be out in theaters on July 7.

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