Spider-Man Far from Home: The Final Shot in a Post-Credits Scene is in One of the TV Spots

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Spider-Man: Far from Home is set to come out this Tuesday, and fans have been careful to avoid any spoilers online. In what seemed to be a good track record for Sony so far, it's been revealed that the final shot for a post-credits scene is actually in one of the TV spots.

This was reported by MCU Cosmic's Jeremy Conrad:

When it comes to video promos, it seems that Sony has always managed to drop the ball. One of the trailers for Spider-Man: Homecoming had spoiled the entire plot of the film, and way back when they were promoting The Amazing Spider-Man 2, a trailer included the final shot of the film (with Spidey swinging the manhole cover at Rhino).

At least for now, I guess nothing that big is really spoiled. I mean, it's funny how the film hasn't shown anything about Mysterio being the main villain, but every fan is already sure that he's the bad guy. If you ask me, Sony should have just kept the promotions filled with the Elementals and had Mysterio fighting beside Spidey this whole time. I mean, we know he's the antagonist, but I would appreciate a little effort on misdirection.

If anything, fans should try their best to avoid TV spots, and just stick to the main trailer releases. That's my method, anyway.

Catch Spider-Man: Far from Home when it hits theaters July 2.

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