Spider-Man Far From Home: Samuel L. Jackson Outraged That Promo Misplaced Nick Fury’s Eye Patch

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Nick Fury is going to appear in his third Marvel film this year with Spider-Man: Far From Home, and the promos are steadily coming out to keep everyone hyped for the film. Just in, Samuel L. Jackson shares one banner that kind of forgot where Fury's eyepatch was supposed to be.

Check it out:

The Spider-Man franchise has not been known for their posters as of late, and its shenanigans like this that should signal Sony that it's time to hire someone else to make these posters. I guess it's kind of hard to make them as artsy as they could be since there are things in actor contracts that kind of demand that actors take this much space or a specific position in a movie poster. Then again, Far From Home could have still done better.


If I have one major gripe about the promotional material, it's the lack of the supposed villains of the movie, The Elementals. I mean, everyone is already kind of sure that Mysterio is the bad guy, but if Sony wants people to believe otherwise, they should give us some promotional materials with the Elementals being the main enemy, and we'd have Quentin Beck standing alongside Spider-Man. I'm just saying, if I never read comics, I think there would have been a chance that I didn't know Mysterio was the bad guy, and it would be completely satisfying when we get that reveal.

For now, Spider-Man: Far From Home is set to come out next week on July 2.

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