Spider-Man: Far From Home Runtime Possibly Confirms Heartwarming MCU Fan Theory

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There are a lot of theories about the Marvel Cinematic Universe out there but most of them have simply not been realized in the films. However, the recently revealed runtime of Spider-Man: Far From Home may have confirmed a heartwarming theory about the MCU.

It was previously confirmed that Far From Home would be 129 minutes long. Although there doesn't seem to be anything remarkable about the news, it didn't take long before someone added it up with the rest of the MCU movies and came up with a nice round figure. And this could be just how much Marvel truly loves its fans.

That's right, the full runtime of the entire MCU comes up to 3000. It might just be a coincidence but that hasn't stopped fans from making a connection to little Morgan Stark's iconic line in Avengers: Endgame.


While it's a cool fact to think about, the sum will change if you take Endgame's new runtime during its re-release. The film is expected to have about six minutes worth of new content after the credits so the MCU might be telling us that they love us 3006.

Endgame is returning to theaters over the weekend ahead of the Far From Home premiere. The new theatrical run has been confirmed to introduce never-before-seen footage which could be added as a post-credit sequence. It's a welcome idea since Endgame didn't have the usual post-credits scene, concluding instead with the sound of a hammer striking metal.

Avengers: Endgame is back in theaters this weekend. Spider-Man: Far From Home will premiere on July 2.

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