Spider-Man: Far From Home Promo Reveals Ned's Real Name is 'Edward'

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The MCU did something different with their Spider-Man in a sense that he's been given a best friend in the form of Ned Leeds. We don't really know much about Ned, but a new promo for Far from Home has revealed that his name is actually "Edward."

Take a look at his passport:

It's also worth noting that his passport has the numbers ASM181984. Ned's first appearance in the comics was in Amazing Spider-Man #18 which came out in 1964.


Though everyone who reads comics knows that Ned is a Ganke ripoff from Ultimate Spider-Man, he's actually a character from the classic comics. Ned Leeds was a reporter for the Daily Bugle as well, and the husband of Betty Brant (the same character he dates in Far from Home). Ned also becomes the Hobgoblin in the comics, but I'm sure they wouldn't write him like that for the MCU.

If anything Hobgoblin can be Ned's username in an online game or some kind of codename he gives himself. I actually love his dynamic with Peter, and I think it would be a shame if he turned him into a villain just to keep in line with the comics.

For now, it seems that Ned is safe with his status as Peter Parker's best friend. It's pretty cool that Peter has ‘a guy in the chair', and I would love for him to get more involved in future Spidey films.

Catch Ned in Spider-Man: Far from Home which is still in theaters.

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