Spider-Man: Far From Home Star Jake Gyllenhaal Shares Blooper Reel with Tom Holland

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Spider-Man: Far From Home has just hit digital and the special features are all being teased online. Just in, Mysterio actor Jake Gyllenhaal has shared a blooper reel with him and Tom Holland where Gyllenhaal keeps breaking character.

Check this out:

There's actually a lot more goofs between Gyllenhaal and Holland in the featurette, and they're really fun to watch considering that Gyllenhaal was playing the main villain of the film. Though the Vulture was kind of sympathetic in Homecoming, a lot of fans really loved the classic comic villain that Mysterio turned out to be:

For now, a lot of people are confused about where the Spider-Man franchise is headed. It looks like Spider-Man is going to be out of the MCU, but there are still some hoping that talks could resume before the third film starts production.


If anything, Sony may be waiting for the results of Venom 2. If that film succeeds, it's likely that Sony will gain the confidence to keep pushing forward without the MCU. If that film bombs though, then maybe Sony will be open to a partnership with Marvel once more. After all, Marvel was the one with the creative knack to give us Tom Holland's version of Spider-Man.

Of course, this is just me guessing. Who knows what the two studios are planning for the future?

Catch Spider-Man: Far From Home available on digital today. The film hits Blu-Ray/DVD on Oct. 1.

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