Sony Releases Official Trailer for Night Monkey

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Spider-Man: Far From Home had given Peter Parker another alter-ego in the form of "Night Monkey," and with the movie hitting digital today, Sony has released a mock-teaser for the European ripoff of Spider-Man.

It's funny that Sony should release a teaser for Night Monkey, because ever since the Sony/Disney divorce, everyone has been making jokes about Marvel Studios keeping Tom Holland onboard as Night Monkey for the MCU. I'm sure Sony only meant it as a joke promo, but I think some fans are thinking this is a sign that "Night Monkey" is their character as well.

With all the hype of Spider-Man being the next Iron Man, it sure is a bummer to have Peter Parker pulled out of the MCU. While it's still possible for a successful franchise to come out of Spider-Man without the Marvel connections, Tom Holland's version of the character is admittedly so tightly wound to the MCU that it's just going to be awkward moving forward.


Not to mention Sony pretty much botched the story when it came to Venom. I mean, if they were confident enough to push forward with that ‘turd in the wind', then it makes sense that fans would be worried how they would handle Spider-Man 3. Then again, Into the Spider-Verse ended up pretty spectacular, so maybe there is some hope for everyone's favorite webslinger.

Spider-Man: Far From Home is now available on digital and is set to hit Blu-ray on Oct. 1.

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