Spider-Man: Far From Home Gets an Honest Trailer

Spider-Man: Far From Home has just released its Blu-Ray/DVD and Screen Junkies has come up with their Honest Trailer for Spider-Man’s latest adventure. Besides talking about the Sony/Disney divorce, they also go in-depth as to Tony Stark’s shadow over the film as well as the secretly sad story of Flash Thompson.

Marvel fans everywhere, prepare to get a feature-length dopamine rush off that sweet sweet intro franchise consistency featuring tons of Iron Man, loads of Endgame, juicy kernels of Phase 4, and—I feel like I’m forgetting something—Oh yeah, Spider-Man goes on vacation.

I thought the movie was actually pretty good when it came out, but the Honest Trailer has somehow managed to make me annoyed at the characterization of MJ; she basically is just a YA “Debbie Downer” of the show. Though MJ’s love for awkward and depressing things is supposed to represent her insecurities, you kind of notice that it gets old—especially after the honest trailer points it out.

If you also look closely, the movie tells a sad story about Peter’s bully Flash Thompson. You see him trying to message his mother when Peter uses EDITH, and when they arrive at the airport, Flash is clearly bummed his mom isn’t there.

The trailer also makes you realize that Mysterio is one of the few older men in Peter’s life who isn’t hitting on Aunt May. Then again, I think the whole point of this new May is that a lot of people think she’s attractive.

For now, Spider-Man 3 is aiming for a release on July 16, 2021.

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Spider-Man: Far From Home
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