Spider-Man Fans are Divided by Drastic Change Made to Mary Jane Watson

Credit: Columbia Pictures

Credit: Columbia Pictures

It goes without saying that the world of comics is ever-expanding and much like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel Comics continuously comes up with fresh creative ideas that, well, can be deemed quite questionable by some folks. Take for instance the latest development in the Spider-Man universe which saw Peter Parker's longest-standing love interest Mary Jane Watson receive her own powers.

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While MJ isn't your typical "damsel in distress" type of character, she has always been a prime target for Spidey's foes because obviously, she's easy pickings given how she doesn't have unique abilities like her web-slinging boo.

That all changes in the recently released Mary Jane and Black Cat #1 comic (via The Direct) where it was revealed that MJ now possesses superhuman powers, all thanks to a techno wristwatch that displays a slot machine hologram. And just like a real slot machine, MJ's powers will vary depending on which lucky combinations she ends up getting and it can range from cool to bizarre.

On Twitter, fans are debating whether or not it was the right move to give MJ superpowers, especially considering she lasted all these years (in the comics and films, at least) without having to rely on superhuman attributes. Check out some of the reactions below:

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Personally speaking, I've always liked MJ the way she is, and given how most of the female characters featured in the Spidey universe all have their respective powers, having MJ as a vulnerable woman makes her a standout. I do understand though that doing the same formula and playing it safe isn't going to cut it in this day and age.

Meanwhile, Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures' fourth Spider-Man film is in the works.

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