Spider-Man: Andrew Garfield Reveals Who Convinced Him to Return in No Way Home

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There is little doubt that fans were thrilled when Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire showed up in Spider-Man: No Way Home. After all, there had already been rumors about the actors' appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe sequel. But who convinced them to return as Peter Parker for the movie? Garfield has admitted that although it wasn't a hard decision to make, Kevin Feige made it a lot easier.

It's no secret that Andrew Garfield was expected to return as Peter Parker after two successful Amazing Spider-Man films. However, the third movie didn't happen and fans were understandably disappointed.


Although the third Amazing Spider-Man film didn't push through, Garfield would be given another chance at the role. It wasn't a hard sell but the actor admitted that Kevin Feige played a huge role in sealing the deal.

"I wasn’t expecting to ever have a conversation again about potentially playing Peter Parker. I felt very excited to just to be a fan again. But I got this call from Amy Pascal and Kevin Feige and Jon Watts with this idea. It was immediately undeniable. It sounded incredibly fun, incredibly spiritual — trippy and thematically interesting. On a base level, as a Spider-Man fan, just the idea of seeing three Spider-Men in the same frame was enough," Garfield shared with Variety.

He continued by pointing out how the "pitch was really, really enticing."

"They said, 'You played this character in your way and what would you want to explore if you had an opportunity? If you were dumped into this other universe and faced with this younger you and this older you, how will you respond?'" Garfield continued.


It all makes perfect sense and we're glad that the creative minds behind No Way Home made it possible. Hopefully, we'll get to see more of Garfield's version of Peter in the future.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is still screening in theaters.

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