Spider-Man Actors Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, & Tom Holland Share Pizza Time in Spectacular Art

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Credit: Paramount Pictures

Over the last 20 years, the Spider-Man character has been portrayed by three different actors on the big screen — Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland who in my opinion each brought something unique and exciting to the table. Now, fans have long been toying with the idea of seeing all three of them share some screen time together in a Spider-Verse project, and with the recent developments surrounding the MCU's third Spidey flick, webheads couldn't help but feel stoked.

Unfortunately, Holland has already come out to debunk rumors surrounding Maguire and Garfield's alleged involvement in Spider-Man: No Way Home, saying that if they were in fact part of the film, he would definitely know about it.

Still, that didn't stop fans from speculating and they firmly believe that Holland is just trying his best to play coy to avoid potential spoilers, something he's been quite notorious for dropping over the years.

But what if Tobey and Maguire do end up finding themselves in Earth-616? That would totally be huge and there's nothing more ambitious than that possible crossover. Now, artist @artoftimemarvel is teasing fans with what could go down should all three Spider-Men share the screen together. Taking inspiration from the fake "Home-Slice" title Zendaya shared last week, the artwork sees the actors sharing some quality pizza time. It's pretty freaking awesome! Check it out here:

Despite the fact that the studios and Holland himself have dismissed the ongoing rumors, I remain hopeful that we'll get to see Tobey and Andrew back in Spider-Man: No Way Home. I've said this countless times in the past, it will be a missed opportunity on their part if they won't be able to pull it off as it could easily go down as one of the best moments in comic book film history.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man: No Way Home hits cinemas in December.

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