South Park: Post COVID Release Date, Spoilers, Trailer & Updates: Stan, Kyle, Cartman And Kenny All Grown Up, New Promo Video Shows

South Park
Credit: / YouTube Screenshot

South Park
Credit: / YouTube Screenshot

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South Park fans are going to be seeing the gang as they've never been seen before – all grown up. The first trailer for the new South Park special, titled South Park: Post COVID, is a continuation of the hour-long Comedy Central pandemic special, which aired back in September 2020.

Fans will finally be able to know what really happened to Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny during the pandemic. However, the new trailer only shows a glimpse of what is to come. Apart from the movies, this was the first episode of South Park to exceed 30 minutes in length.

Adult Kyle And Stan

The time shift in the teaser that exposes the adult versions of Stan and Kyle is, of course, the most startling moment of the entire 40-second promo. The trailer begins with ominous music and cliché phrases like "We've been through a lot," "Everything has changed," and "What will the future hold?"

The trailer then shows an adult Stan receiving a phone call from adult Kyle, who appears to be a Psychology Professor at the University of Colorado. The two then reminisce about their childhood, particularly about how they all promised to be there for each other "when things got bad." Stan then asked what Kyle meant, ending the short trailer with a cliffhanger.

Also in the trailer was Stan's dad, who is still alive. The two then make a fourth-wall joke about the second exclusive South Park event.

More South Park To Come

Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of South Park, recently signed a $900 million contract with ViacomCBS to provide two brand new South Park films each year for the next seven years for the company's on-demand subscription streaming service, Paramount+.

Parker previously said that being with ViacomCBS will allow them to make episodes or specials at any length they want. Parker added that while the specials they are making are now being called movies, he really doesn't consider them to be feature films as opposed to just being long-form South Park specials.

Parker said the unusual length of the new episodes they are releasing on Paramount+ is really to make sure that they are different from the content found anywhere else. He added that they are now considering making multiple hour-long made-for-TV movies for the streaming service.

Under their deal with ViacomCBS, the Parker and Stone have been greenlit to make new South Park episodes through 2027. This will include the 14 "movies" and new episodes through season 30.

South Park: Post Covid is scheduled to premiere on Paramount+ on Nov. 25. Another made-for-TV special will also be released sometime in December.

Watch the promo video of the upcoming South Park: Post Covid special below:

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