Wonder Woman 1984 Won't Have a Diana/Cheetah Romance

Furries who were hoping that Wonder Woman 1984 would start a possible lesbian romance between Diana and Barbara Ann Minerva, the future Cheetah, then you're in for some disappointing news. During an interview with SFX Magazine, director Patty Jenkins revealed that we would not be getting a lesbian romance between the two, nor will we be getting a bisexual love triangle between Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor, and Cheetah.

Jenkins does admit that this is a storyline that could have been done in some other film but since Steve plays such a big part in WW 1984, it felt like they should only limit the romance between Trevor and Wonder Woman. That does make sense since they already have to balance bringing Steve back from the dead, having Minerva turn into Cheetah, and making Maxwell Lord a big bad somehow.

"It might have [happened] in a different storyline. But because this storyline was so clearly about Steve [Trevor] coming back, the whole story was about Steve. It's all a love story with Steve. There wasn't room for two for Diana."

Sorry to those who were hoping to ship Kristen Wigg and Gal Gadot but that won't be happening for a while. Fans who are interested in Wonder Woman's bisexuality should consider reading Grant Morrison's Wonder Woman: Earth One Vol. 1, which is an original graphic novel series for newer fans. They can also watch Superman: Red Son.

Wonder Woman 1984 is currently scheduled for an August 14 release, assuming all cinemas are okay by then.

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