Sophie Turner Goes Full Sansa Stark and Calls Out Evangeline Lilly Over Insensitive COVID-19 Post

The Coronavirus or COVID-19 for short(?) has been one of the odder epidemics out there, reaching a weird gray area between "it's a serious disease" and "it's not the end of the world." One thing that's clear about this situation is that people should stay home and wait for all of this to blow over so that they don't get it, which a lot of folks haven't been following, unfortunately.

Ant-Man and The Wasp star Evangeline Lilly is one of those people who are still going out, claiming that she's one of those people who valued her freedom over her life, which angered Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, who went full Sansa Stark on Instagram. Frankly, we can't blame her since Lilly has a good chance to recover from this while older people are more likely to fall ill and maybe even die because of it.

Entertainment Weekly covered how Turner went wild on Lilly and anyone else who decided that they should still go out on Instagram, which a fan later shared on Twitter. It's hard not to side with Turner here since there have been so many tone-deaf messages from celebrities over the past few weeks, including the panned Imagine video. It's actually nice to see a celebrity show legitimate concern over the folks who don't have it so easy.

"Stay inside. Don't be f---ing stupid. Even if you count your – 'freedom over ... your health.' I don't give a f--- about your freedom. You could be infecting other people, other vulnerable people around you by doing this. So stay inside guys! It's not cool, it's not big, and it's not clever… And that's the tea."

Fans, if you're going to stan one queen, make it the unofficial Queen of the North. Sophie Turner rules and Evangeline Lilly needs to learn from her mistakes. No hate here, she did great work in Lost and the Ant-Man movies but the girl needs to know better.

Game of Thrones and Ant-Man and The Wasp are now available in digital media since you should all stay at home. Don't go out and buy Blu-rays.

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