Sophie, Countess Of Wessex Heartbreak: Prince Edward’s Wife Worried About Queen Elizabeth’s Failing Health? Monarch Considers Daughter-In-Law Her Rock

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Sophie, Countess of Wessex has been dubbed as Queen Elizabeth’s rock. After all, the monarch trusts her daughter-in-law so much. In fact, there are claims that the queen trusts Sophie more than Kate Middleton.

“She is trusted and relied on by the Queen in a way I couldn’t say applied to the Duchess of Cambridge or the Duchess of Cornwall. She is like another daughter to Her Majesty — they are that close,” a source told Express.

Another courtier said that the queen doesn’t have a favorite child, but she has a favorite daughter-in-law and it’s Sophie.

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Sophie, Countess Of Wessex Stressing Over The Thought Of Queen Elizabeth Dying

New Idea, in its Jan. 3 issue, claimed that Sophie and the queen’s closeness has taken a toll on the former especially after she found out about the monarch’s failing health.


Prince Edward’s wife is allegedly aware that her mother-in-law won’t be around for all. But the thought of the queen passing away is stressing her out.

An unnamed source claimed that Sophie looked as though she was crying during one of her outings in Chelsea, London. And it’s possible that it was because she was thinking about the monarch.

“At one point during the outing, Sophie appeared to be particularly upset, wiping away what may have been a tear from her eye. As one of the queen’s closest confidantes, it would come as no surprise that she is particularly worried about her latest health woes,” the unnamed source said.

Sophie, Countess Of Wessex Reacts To Prince Philip’s Death

Sophie previously reacted to Prince Philip’s death in April. She said that the loss left a giant-sized hole in the lives of the royal family. Since Sophie is closer to the queen than Prince Philip, royal fans are convinced that she will have a harder time accepting the monarch’s death.


According to reports, Sophie is unlike other royal wives because even though she works as a senior working royal, she had no qualms after her full-time police protection detail was removed due to budget cuts.

“She preferred not having a police presence 24 hours a day. It meant she could collect the children from school on her own, without any fuss,” a source told The Sun.

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Prince Edward, Sophie, Countess Of Wessex Raised Their Kids As Normal As Possible

Speaking of Prince Edward and Sophie’s two children, Lady Louise and James, Viscount Severn, they are both being raised as normal people. The royal couple didn’t give their kids royal titles after they were born to ensure that they will have a more normal life.


“We try to bring them up with the understanding that they are very likely to have to work for a living. Hence, we made the decision not to use HRH titles. They have them and can decide to use them from [when they turn] 18, but it’s highly unlikely,” she said.

“They go to a regular school. They go to friends for sleepovers and parties. At weekends, we do lots of dog-walking and stay with friends. I guess not everyone’s grandparents live in a castle, but where you are going is not the important part, or who they are. When they are with the Queen, she is their grandmother,” Sophie told The Sunday Times.

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