Sony Reportedly in-Talks with Tom Holland for Venom 2 Cameo

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Venom will continue to baffle people on its success but the film is a hit and Sony has already stated that Venom 2 is in the works, with Tom Hardy returning and Andy Serkis directing the sequel. The big focus seems to be on Venom vs. Carnage and that's something a lot of fans have wanted to see in their movie theaters since the late ‘90s. That being said, fans still want to see Spider-Man and Venom interact, which is what Sony is currently working on.

According to The GWW, Sony is in talks to bring in current Spider-Man: Far From Home star Tom Holland for a cameo role in Venom 2. This obviously won't be a huge role should it end up becoming true but having Peter Parker appear in some capacity would be fantastic for us dumb Marvel fans.


Of course, it's hard to say if this will actually come true or not since this isn't an official source, with neither Sony, Marvel Studios, or even Holland commenting on the matter. Only time will tell, I suppose but no one would hate it if Holland ends up appearing in Venom 2. Spidey and Venom just go together, unless it's Spider-Man 3.

Story details on Venom 2 have been bare, with fans only knowing that Tom Hardy's Venom will finally go one-on-one with Woody Harrelson's Cletus Kassady, who will definitely turn into the sadistic Carnage in this sequel, If not, people are going to riot.

Currently, Venom 2 has no release date.

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