Sony Puts Too Many Spoilers in Vin Diesel's Bloodshot Trailer

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After many months of waiting, maybe even years for hardcore Valiant Comics fans, Sony has released the first Bloodshot trailer starring Vin Diesel. It's bloody, has a lot of action, and to be honest, may have spoiled the entire movie in two minutes and 40 seconds. Granted, the film could have more twists and turns up its sleeve but there's no doubt that Sony spoiled one big reveal for the film.

The trailer starts off decently enough; soldier Vin Diesel comes home to see his wife/girlfriend but then he wakes up in a mysterious facility where Guy Pierce tells him that he is now a super soldier thanks to nanotechnology in his veins. He is then tasked with killing the person who shot his wife, before being shut down without his memories and being told to kill someone else that supposedly blew the brains out of Diesel's love interest.

Sadly, as the trailer reveals, Diesel's character has been mind-wiped so that he can kill various government threats. Each time they bring him back, the people in the RST corporation rewrite his memories and make him think their target has killed his wife. This is a pretty compelling premise but one that the Bloodshot trailer spoiled, which is hugely disappointing.

Could there be more twists in store? Well, we never see him as the white-skinned character in the comics, though his red eyes are teased throughout. It seems like they will be building up to that reveal, but given this is Sony, they will probably show it in the next trailer.

Bloodshot comes out next year on February 21, 2020. Did the Bloodshot trailer spoil too much? Let us know in the comments below.

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