Sony Has Began Refunding Unhappy Buyers of Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 release wasn't exactly smooth-sailing, especially with the last-gen consoles. Some players reported issues, full-on crashes, very low-quality textures, and crawling frame rates. The issue seemed severe as Sony has apparently started to fix things.

Sony is reportedly refunding some Cyberpunk 2077 players who were apparently unhappy with the game's performance on PS4. The hashtag "Cyberbug2077" contains the complaints that players have been airing, due to the crashes and performance issues of the game. The most affected players were the PS4 players. The game has an ‘exceptionally poor performance' with multiple bugs on Xbox One and PS4.

Reddit users on the Cyberpunk page have stated that they are receiving full refunds, even if they already went over the two-hour maximum playtime that was usually enforced. Some players even had to call PlayStation's customer service to have the issues rectified.

PSA: Sony is issuing refunds even past the 2 hour play time for digital games, if you file a refund claim and talk to a rep.

One player on Reddit stated that they needed to file a support claim online while sitting on hold just to speak with a representative. The good thing is that they were fast enough to issue the refund and remove the game from the player's library.

The player said that Sony was also issuing a business complaint to CD Projekt Red over the issues. At the time of writing this piece, there is no confirmation about Sony's complaint.

Players in the United States may easily get the refunds but for players outside the country, not every region has its own customer support hotline to assist them. Moreover, not everyone who called was offered to have their money back so it's not a guarantee that everyone gets a refund.

For those playing on Xbox and have encountered issues, they can contact Microsoft. Another Reddit user said that Microsoft understands the issues and offered them a refund as well. PC players have experienced and reported very few problems but if they want to request a refund, they can ask it from Steam.

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