Sonic the Hedgehog Star and Director Respond to Sequel News

Paramount Pictures has confirmed that Sonic the Hedgehog 2is happening and fans are pretty excited about that. While the first film was arguably a solid family movie that starred Sonic, fans have high hopes that the sequel will be more in line with what fans know and love about the blue hedgehog. It helps that Tails appeared during the post-credits sequence, which has a lot of people wondering how the follow-up will go.

Naturally, the people that are involved with the movie are a little more excited about the sequel than fans. On Twitter, both director Jeff Fowler and Sonic voice actor Ben Schwartz showed how happy they were with a sequel coming. Fowler said "ROUND TWO WITH THE BLUE," while Schwartz merely put up a peace sign. Either way, we're sure they are excited to continue Sonic's on-screen adventures.

Due to COVID-19 still being rampant, no release date or release window was announced for the sequel. That makes a lot of sense since they won't want to risk anyone's health by forcing them to work. Here's hoping that things subside soon since this is clearly the worst thing to happen to mankind in ages. Yes, even worse than Sonic's initial design, which merely disappointed and may have melted a few faces off.

If you haven't seen it yet, Sonic the Hedgehog is now available on digital stores. This was a solid enough family film that put many smiles on people's faces and has made Sega more money to make more games.

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