Sonic Team Studio Head Wants to Remake Sonic Adventure

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Sonic the Hedgehog, despite having some really bad games, is still one of the most iconic characters of the medium. Yeah, the character has some bad titles but he also has Sonic Mania, one of the best platformers of 2017. As we wait for Team Sonic Racing, which looks average, a lot of fans are clamoring for more innovative Sonic games like Sonic Adventure or Sonic Colors.

It looks like fans of the former are in for a treat as Takashi Iizuka, the head of Sonic Team has expressed interest in remaking Sonic Adventure. This should get a lot of fans excited since this was the title that proved Sonic can work in a 3D environment so having a remake done would be fantastic.


Here's what Iizuka told Retro Gamer about wanting a remake:

"It was the first highspeed 3D action game that also featured a scenario highlighted with six different stories, the A-life Chao, six unique styles of gameplay – it is a unique game offering even 20 years after its release. At the time, it also wasn't just a solitary software release, it was the title to bring people to the Dreamcast and we were given the budget to make something to showcase the hardware. However, it was the very first 3D game that we worked on and looking at it now I can see the rough edges it has, which really makes me want to remake it again."

While most fans still prefer his 2D titles, there's no doubt that Sonic Adventure was a fairly fun game. The controls for Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles were great, as were there levels. Admittedly, the game did have its fair share of problems, like those pesky levels featuring Big the Cat. Still, a remake could always ditch him altogether and still be a good time.

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