Sonic Forces: Story Details And Villain Bios Revealed

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After the success of Sonic Mania, Sega is hoping to replicate that title's success with November's Sonic Forces. The sequel to 2011's Sonic Generations, it mixes classic and modern Sonic gameplay, whilst also letting players create their own character. While gameplay has been covered, Sega and the developers in Sonic Team have been relatively quiet about the story of Forces, until now at least.

Japanese magazine Famitsu (via Twiter user rnm39) recently ran a feature on the game's story and villains. Doctor Eggman has taken control of most of the world, 99% of it apparently, with Sonic and his team being the final resistance. Eggman was able to accomplish this feat with new villain Infinite, along with classic villains like Shadow the Hedgehog, Metal Sonic, Chaos and Zavok.

Short biographies on the villains were shown, but they are pretty vague and don't reveal their true motivations. Metal Sonic now has these strange blocks that float around him, but he has mostly been loyal to Eggman, so no one's questioning his motivations. On the other hand, characters like Shadow and Chaos had seemingly formed a new leaf, so it will be interesting to see why they turned to the dark side.


With these older villains teaming up, one has to wonder how classic Sonic gets integrated into Sonic Forces, since none of his foes appear here, aside from Eggman. It feels like Forces would be better if it stuck with modern Sonic and the player's created avatar, since fans that like classic Sonic gameplay have Sonic Mania to enjoy. Maybe Sonic Team has a plan here, but it feels a bit redundant.

Sonic Forces comes out on November 7. The game will come out simultaneously on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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