Song Kang Ho Moved To Tears During Appearance On IU's YouTube Channel–Here's Why

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Credit: IU Official YouTube / YouTube screenshot

Song Kang Ho gets honest and talks about his experience as an actor for 27 years.

The 55 year-old-actor is considered one of the renowned stars in Korean entertainment.

Since his debut in 1996, Song Kang Ho cemented his name in the film industry, starring in blockbuster movies and bagging notable achievements.

He recently won the Best Actor Award at the Cannes Film Festival 2022 for his movie Broker.

Interestingly, he not only took home the award but also made history as the first Korean male Best Actor winner at the prestigious festival.

Here's the Reason Why Song Kang Ho 'Burst Into Tears' on IU's YouTube Channel

The award-winning actor took a trip down memory lane as he looked back at his almost decade-long career.

Song Kang Ho, alongside Broker cast Lee Joo Young and Kang Dong Won, appeared as guests on IU's Youtube channel.

During a serious talk, the veteran star opened up about being an actor for 27 years.

He described it as a "lonely job," adding, "rather than being flashy, there is a sense of pressure to be busy and to do well."

Moreover, the 55-year-old star also said that being a celebrity, he encountered being "praised and criticized" by the public.

While looking back at his struggles, he said, "I was able to endure these kinds of things for 27 years..." adding, "I am about to burst into tears."

His co-stars, including IU, seemed surprised how the senior actor recalled the challenges he endured before becoming a renowned star.

As he continued with a smile, Song Kang Ho said, "I think I can praise myself for being able to come through with perseverance. I think I can encourage myself, who has been through difficult times, once in a while."

Meanwhile, IU showed empathy and mentioned that she didn't know that the actor would share "such a serious story," to which he replied, pointing out that he felt embarrassed since it was not on the script.

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IU ‘Almost Cried’ After Being Praised by Song Kang Ho

This is not the first time that Broker stars showed unique friendship off cam.

According to AllKpop, IU was lauded by Song Kang Ho for her acting skills in the drama film.

During an online press conference the award-winning star mentioned that the actresses, which includes Bae Doona, Lee Joo Young, and IU "always deliver astounding performances with their projects" but gave a shout out to the Hotel Del Luna star.

Song Kang Ho said that the songstress, whose real name is Lee Ji Eun, was amazed since she "not only had meticulous technique but also conveyed the character's emotions exactly using skillful methods."

Moreover, the 55-year-old star said that her acting was "perfect" and "had to bring her aside to give her praise."

On the other hand, after hearing a huge compliment from a veteran actor, IU revealed his words moved her and that she almost cried.

The singer-actress also shared that she even called his parents to "boast about" Song Kang Ho's kind words.

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