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Song Ji Ah Revelation: Former Reporter Dares 'Single's Inferno' Star Free Zia To Reveal Father’s Real Job

Credit: Netflix Korea 넷플릭스 코리아/YouTube Screenshot

Controversial YouTuber Kim Yong-ho dared Song Ji-ah, also known as Free Zia, to reveal the real occupation of her father or he will do it himself. Rumors have it the Single’s Inferno star’s dad has a suspicious job and is not a dentist.

Free Zia is currently embroiled in a huge controversy after netizens caught her wearing fake designer clothing. Now, it looks like the social media star has another issue to face.

An Exposé About Free Zia’s Dad

In a video on his YouTube channel titled Freezia's dad's real job, via Koreaboo, Kim Yong-ho revealed he had already received intel about the content creator before her popularity shot up.

She only had hundreds of thousands of followers at the time. Now, she has 1.91 million subscribers.

As the female reality star is currently in a problematic scandal, the former reporter claimed the “core of the controversy” is not her, but her father and his real job.

The online community knows Free Zia’s dad is a dentist and she manages to live a wealthy lifestyle because of him. “However, this is not the truth,” Kim Yong-ho said.

Though he didn’t go into details, he alludes he knows what her father is doing and how he has raised his daughter.

Free Zia doesn’t confirm if her dad is a real dentist, but she knows this is the job many know her father has.

“The fact that she knew about [her dad’s real job] and decided to remain quiet is the same as lying,” Kim Yong-ho continued.

With that being said, he gave the social media influencer a chance to talk about her father’s real work before he revealed the truth.

“I can reveal her father’s occupation here, but I want to give Ji A a chance to do it herself,” he added. “I don’t believe she will be blamed for her father’s mistakes.”

Free Zia’s Knock-Off Controversy

Meanwhile, Free Zia is now the target of huge public scrutiny for wearing fake designer clothes on her YouTube channel and Single’s Inferno.

The instant celebrity usually wore high-end brands, like Chanel and Dior, on the show, per Inquirer. In fact, fellow contestant Moon Se-hoon said “she was the most bling bling and fabulous” among all the female contenders for her style and fashion.

But everything had dramatically changed. Netizens started to accuse her of wearing counterfeit designer items, like the pink knitted Chanel top.

They even compared the shirt to the same blouse the human Chanel, BLACKPINK’s Jennie, had and the difference in color and pattern was evident.

Later, Free Zia admitted her stuff was fake and issued two public apologies—one was a handwritten letter on Instagram while the other was a video on YouTube. She said she was at fault and went on a hiatus to self-reflect.

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