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Song Hye Kyo Diet 2022: Know What Makes ‘Descendants Of The Sun’ Star An Ageless Beauty
Credit: ELLE Singapore/YouTube Screenshot

Amid the emerging new and young stars today, Song Hye Kyo remains one of the queens of K-dramas. Not only that, but the Now, We Are Breaking Up star also exudes incredible beauty and a perfect physique that is lauded by many.

So what’s her secret? That is a question that many ask and we will reveal the answers here, on EpicStream!

What Doe Song Hye Kyo Drink?

At 40 years old, the Descendants of the Sun actress has defied the signs of aging. Many may say she had found the fountain of youth, but, no, it’s nothing but hard work and discipline.

In fact, her old photos can speak volumes of how her body has dramatically changed over the years—and it’s in a good way. She used to be chubby when she started in the business in 1996.

When she did her breakthrough role in Autumn in My Heart in 2000, the then-19-year-old star still had chubby cheeks. But now, all of baby fats are gone, thanks to these methods that she does.

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KDrama Stars noted Song Hye Kyo drinks three liters of lemon water a day and swears it’s an effective weight loss formula. This recipe is said to be recommended by her dietician herself.

She reportedly mixes one-half of lemon with one liter of water and drinks up three liters every day. For those who want to follow this method, it is best to ask your dieticians.

Though there are a number of research and reports that prove the wonders of lemon water to lose weight, it is still better to be sure.

The Food, Exercises Song Hye Kyo Eat and Does

Of course, the Encounter star doesn’t rely on lemon water alone. Shape Singapore claimed she makes tomatoes, berries, eggs, dark chocolate and green and leafy vegetables part of her diet.

Her meals are always rich in antioxidants to fight the signs of skin aging. These foods help slow down the effects of skin damage brought by the sun's harmful rays or being exposed to chemicals and radiation.

With that being said, Song Hye Kyo strictly avoids eating junk food, soda and black tea. Junk food and soda are known for being unhealthy snacks and drinks that can lead to weight gain, per Medical News Today.

According to WebMD, high amounts of black tea intake also have negative side effects.

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In addition, aside from following the right diet, Song Hye Kyo also does exercise and different types of it. She does Pilates, yoga, spinning and kickboxing, Candy Mag cited.

However, she has a favorite workout to do and it is the 20-minute stretches she does before and after she starts an exercise.

With this diet and exercise, no wonder Song Hye Kyo is an ageless beauty.

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