Son Ye Jin Revelation: Hyun Bin’s Fiancee Admits Wanting to Run Away

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Credit: The Swoon/YouTube Screenshot

Son Ye Jin pours her heart out in the latest episode of tvN’s You Quiz on the Block. Hyun Bin’s fiancée doesn’t only promote her new JTBC drama, Thirty-Nine; she also talks about the hardships she has gone through in her more than 20 years in the business.

Son Ye Jin now has more than 30 acting credits in TV and movie. Despite the fame and success that she’s experiencing today, she reveals it doesn’t come easy and even thinks of running away.

The Burdens Son Ye Jin Goes Through

The 40-year-old star revealed there aren’t too many films for actresses in South Korea. Hence, she feels like she’s carrying this burden alone.

She takes on the responsibility and makes sure she will do her projects perfectly, per AllKpop.

“When there is an emotional scene I have to film, I have to control my mind. I even become reverent when going to wash my hands. This is my way of getting ready to act well. I do my best when filming just like a boxer would when they enter the ring."

The Crash Landing on You star also makes sure that she will wake up at 6 or 7 a.m. every day to walk around the park, listening to music, before doing an emotional scene. She admits to always worrying about her acting, doubting if she can do it well.

"The downside to this career is that no one can help you. It gets really lonely once you stand in front of the camera. It was a constant repeat for me wanting to run away, but then I have to accomplish this work greatly."

In fact, she has thought of running a number of times—only she didn’t.

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It was Son Ye Jin’s lifelong dream to become an actress, and she felt to have debuted in the film industry. Twenty years have passed and she’s now in her 40s.

So does she still feel that burden?

"I have a sense of responsibility for a project as well as the acting skills I must show. I have to show an improved self, but there is a limit to how much I can evolve. I feel that there are standards and expectations I must satisfy, so it's hard for me."

The Nation’s First Love adds the burden never goes away and even increases with time. She often feels this every time there’s a new project she has to do.

“So, this tension is in constant repeat," she says.

Son Ye Jin Reveals Feelings about Marriage with Hyun Bin

Meanwhile, in the press conference of her new JTBC series, Thirty-Nine, Son Ye Jin talks about her upcoming marriage with Hyun Bin.

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According to Manila Bulletin, the Queen of K-drama thanked everyone for the congratulatory messages after announcing her marriage plan.

“Thank you. Thank you, everyone. So many people congratulated me,” she said. “I feel really thankful. I can’t thank everybody enough for it.”


She even called her marriage with Hyun Bin “destiny,” as it would happen in March this year.

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