20 Mar 2019 2:04 PM +00:00 UTC

Some Fans Are Outraged By Young Andy's Redesign In Toy Story 4

The trailer for the long-awaited Toy Story 4 has been released, but not all fans are happy. There are people upset that young Andy got a major redesign. To some, he looks nothing like he did in the first movie.

Indeed, the character glimpsed in the trailer didn't look like the Andy fans saw in 1995. It looks like the fans upset by the change simply wanted to see that everything in the first film, which didn't just launch a long-running franchise but also found its way to the hearts of millions, is integrated into Toy Story 4 as faithfully as possible.

After all, it could have just been made as an upgrade of the old design as opposed to what appears to be a completely different appearance, which in live-action, will be equivalent to recasting. Some say that while they would expect the character to age as he did in every Toy Story film, the change isn't going to be as drastic as this.

On the other side of the debate, people are saying that the new design for Andy in Toy Story 4 was just enhanced in order to keep up with the times. This new look seems to be no more than a product of technological improvements, very much like a visual update. While the first Toy Story film was a groundbreaking animated masterpiece, technology has evolved and it has come a long way since then--human models look much better. This may just be what people are seeing.

Unlike the critics of the new Andy, some see it as a welcome improvement, especially since the original Andy in Toy Story looked like a "golem," as one Twitter user described him.


Even Star Wars writer Pablo Hidalgo chimed in on the debate, tweeting out "I imagine this is like people not liking new Trek stuff set in the past not looking cardboard and plaster enough," which started a separate debate on its own.


Apart from Andy's appearance, another tweak in the film is the wallpaper in his room, which changed from clouds to stars.

How do you feel about the young Andy design in Toy Story 4?

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