Solo was Supposed to Shift Lucasfilm’s Star Wars Releases

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Solo: A Star Wars Story might be the first film in the Star Wars franchise to flop at the box office, however, Disney had a lot of hopes pinned on the Star Wars spinoff.

According to a report by Screen Rant, before Solo flopped, Lucasfilm had been planning for the film to be the first of many Star Wars films to be released in May. Sure, Star Wars fans might be used to Lucasfilm releasing its movies in December however, before the studio was acquired by Disney in 2012, films were traditionally slotted for May.

Lucasfilm just recently released The Art of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, and in the book, fans get to read an interesting passage discussing the studio's plan to return to its original May release.


"Solo: A Star Wars Story had been intended to be the first of many Star Wars films to return to the franchise's traditional late-May release date," the passage reads.

Unfortunately, Solo didn't do so well with its May release. Though the film did receive positive reviews from fans and from critics, Solo became the very first Star Wars movie to fail at the box office. Despite its excessive budget and reshoots, the Star Wars spinoff only managed to bring in $329.9 million at the worldwide box office.

Of course, Solo's May release wasn't the only reason why the film didn't do so well from a commercial standpoint. Disney also failed to market the Star Wars spinoff adequately, focusing all of its energy on Avengers: Infinity War.

Now it looks like Lucasfilm has learned its lesson. All of its upcoming movies are scheduled for a December release, and we're certain that the studio won't fail to market the films just right. Solo was a hard knock for the studio.

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