Solo: A Star Wars Story Actor Gets Honest About the Movie's Newfound Appreciation

Solo: A Star Wars Story remains to be the only Star Wars theatrical film that underperformed at the box office. Its disappointing results led to Lucasfilm canceling any plans of doing any follow-up films of the prequel as well as developing more spin-off/anthology installments in the movie franchise.

However, years after its release, the film seems to be having a newfound appreciation as fans are starting to discover it and realize that it may be the most underrated movie in the franchise. Some of them are even hoping that Lucasfilm will change their mind and do a sequel or a follow-up Disney+ series.

Speaking recently with Yahoo! Entertainment, Alden Ehrenreich, who played the younger Han Solo in Solo, shared his thoughts about the film's newfound appreciation years after its release where he showed his appreciation about the reception that it is now getting.

"I have. I mean, you definitely have those things happening on the internet over the last few years. And it feels like a shift," he said. "It’s also always kind of felt like that to me on the ground. I feel like there was a lot of [negativity in the press], but the actual feedback that I always got from it was really great."

The actor also added, "I just love talking to a kid who saw it — some little boy or little girl — who’s so excited. That’s the best, you know?"

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Now, Ehrenreich is working again with the original Solo directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller in the new film Cocaine Bear, which the duo co-produced. The actor reflected on collaborating again with the now Oscar-winning producers.

"We went out and got dinner when I was talking about it originally. And it was great. I knew they were coming to set [but] I didn’t know when," he shared.

"I did my first scene in [Cocaine Bear], which is also [chronologically] my first scene in the movie. And as soon as they yelled, ‘Cut,’ I went outside and they were standing there and had been watching it [on the monitors]. I didn’t even know they were there. So it was really great to be on set with them after those few years."

It really is impressive that the movie was able to gain more appreciation now than five years ago back when it was released and it seems that it has gained a cult status which is proof that the box office does not determine the public's actual perception of the film.

So far, Lucasfilm has not mentioned any plans of continuing the storyline that was set up in Solo. Now that they are actively working on TV shows for Disney+, that could be their best opportunity to do a follow-up without the risk of the box office.

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Solo: A Star Wars Story is streaming on Disney+.

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