Solo Leveling Chapter 157 RELEASE DATE and TIME, SPOILERS

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Solo Leveling Chapter 156 definitely took its time, with a 2-week delay that had fans worried, but the manhwa seems back on track now and it will presumably resume its weekly schedule.

The adventures of Shadow monarch Jin-woo against other monarchs who seek to destroy his world have been loved by thousands of fans worldwide. With Chapter 156 now published, many readers will be excited to read more, after the longer-than-usual wait. If you're one of them, keep reading. Below, we've gathered all you need to know about Solo Leveling Chapter 157, from the newest chapter's release date and time to possible spoilers!


Solo Leveling Chapter 157 Release Date

Solo Leveling chapters are released weekly. Talks about a possible hiatus have been around for some time, but we hope that following the 2-week break, the author has recovered and the manhwa will keep getting weekly updates for the foreseeable future.

In any case, the release date for Solo Leveling Chapter 157, titled "Final Moments" will be Thursday, July 8 at midnight, KST. In different time zones, including the US, Canada, and Europe, this translates to Wednesday, the 7th of July - less than 24 hours to go!


Solo Leveling Chapter 157 Release Time

Solo Leveling Chapter 157 is scheduled to be released on Thursday, July 8 at midnight, Korean Standard Time. If this timeline remains correct, you can find the approximate release time for different time zones below, just keep in mind that the process might be a little longer as the chapter has to be translated first.

Pacific Time: 8:00 AM (July 7)
Central Time: 10:00 AM (July 7)
Eastern Time: 11:00 AM (July 7)
British Time: 4:00 PM (July 7)

Solo Leveling Chapter 157Spoilers

Chapter 155 was generally heartwarming, but Chapter 156 was a lot more intense, with Seoul being evacuated and a B-Rank hunter caught up amidst the commotion, only to be devoured by a huge monster.


As you might remember from the previous chapter, Jin-Woo had been on a date with Cha Hae-In so the chairman tried and failed to contact him for help. The beast-like monster who devoured the B-Rank Hunter is revealed to be the Beast Monarch. When Jin-Woo finally finds out, he's surprised that his shadows didn't inform him.

Worried, he wants to find out whether the Beast has a shadow at all, as this would help him determine whether it's the Beast Monarch or not. The chapter ends with Thomas about to face the Beast - will he succeed?

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Solo Leveling Chapter 157 Where to Read Legally Online


Solo Leveling can be read online legally on TappyToon or Tapas Media! For those who would like a print copy, Volume 1 of the manhwa is available in English through Yen Press and the rest might follow soon enough, as this is a very popular fantasy work.