Solo: Harrison Ford Surprises Alden Ehrenreich During Interview

Though Harrison Ford was the original Han Solo, he has made it very clear that he wants nothing to do with the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Alden Ehrenreich a.k.a. the new Han, has confirmed that he met up with Ford before, and during an interview with ET, he was given a surprise visit by none other than Ford himself.

Watch it here:

It's no joke that there is a lot of pressure on Ehrenreich for taking over such an iconic character in cinema. Though you would think that Ford had some strict advice for him when it came to playing Han, Ehrenreich has shared this was the only ‘advice' he got from Ford:

"We sat down for lunch before shooting and he told me, ‘If anyone asks, tell them I told you everything you need to know, and you're not allowed to say anything.'"

Surely with everyone else putting a lot of thought on the character, I can imagine that Ford was just playing a role without really putting that much effort into it. Even Donald Glover (Lando) admitted that the only advice that Billy Dee Williams have him on playing Lando was just to ‘be charming'.

People who were lucky enough to catch the Solo red carpet premiere are singing nothing but praises for the film, and they have all been saying that Ehrenreich makes a very solid space smuggler. Not to mention several people also say that Glover's Lando stole the show.

Catch Solo: A Star Wars Story in theaters May 25.

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