Solo Director Ron Howard Remembers the Advice George Lucas Gave Him About Star Wars Fans

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Solo: A Star Wars Story might not have done too well in the box office but it's slowly getting a reputation of being a solid movie in its own right, with many giving it a second chance now that it's on home media. There were fans who were quite unkind to the film, calling it a pointless addition to the series, while others loved how much it felt like a fun, adventure movie in the Star Wars series.

Ron Howard stepped in to direct after LucasFilm fired Christopher Miller and Phil Lord, who went on to make Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Howard is a pretty experienced director and probably knew some hate was coming his way, not just because he was working on a Star Wars movie but also due to all the behind-the-scenes stories that were shared about Solo.

Thankfully, George Lucas was there to give Howard some sound advice about making Star Wars movies (via Collider):

George Lucas is a mentor, a tremendous friend. He warned me, and he said, ‘Hey look, it's for the fans, and yet you have to have the courage to hear them but tell the story you wanna tell.' So he's all for the galaxy expanding and experimenting. That's what he prefers the most. He gets most excited about those that wanna push the boundaries of what a Star Wars movie or TV show [can be].

Considering all of the vitriol George got for writing and directing the Star Wars prequels, he is exactly the person you need to talk to when it's about dealing with the fandom. Lord knows that certain fans of Star Wars can get crazy, driving people out of social media and just being mean altogether. Thank goodness he was here for Ron, though it's not like he needed the help.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is now available on Blu-Ray.

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