Solo: A Star Wars Story Writer on Which Bounty Hunter He Wanted to Include

Solo: A Star Wars Story is an interesting beast, as it not only tells the origin of iconic character Han Solo, but it also has a number of elements from the various Legends stories. Characters like Tag and Bink from the Dark Horse comics have been confirmed, along with a number of other elements from the non-canon line.

Of course, you can't add all of the characters from the franchise no matter how hard you try. Writers Jon and Lawrence Kasdan tried adding one particular bounty hunter to the prequel but it did not work out.

And no, it's not Boba Fett.

During an interview with Inside the Magic, Jon revealed that he wanted to add the bounty hunter Bossk to Solo. According to the co-writer, there were various opportunities where he thought he could sneak in Bossk, who he claims is his favorite Star Wars character, but he would always end up being cut.

"My favorite Star Wars character too, by a hundred percent! I will say that there was a lot of effort on the part of this guy [points at himself again] to get Bossk into the movie. Desperately trying to, and there was not even resistance exactly. More what it was is that in the process of telling the story and refining the script, he kept falling out. And I kept trying to sneak him back in."

The Reptilian bounty hunter debuted in The Empire Strikes Back, just like Boba Fett. Unlike that character, who got more popular despite having one of the funnier deaths in Return of the Jedi, we never saw Bossk return. Gotta give Jon Kasdan credit for wanting to add the character but it didn't happen.

Solo: A Star Wars Story hits theaters next week, on May 25.

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