Solo A Star Wars Story: Did You Catch the Carbonite Foreshadowing?

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The home release of Solo: A Star Wars Story has come with some interesting revelations and reveals from the film. One that was apparently missed by everyone while the movie was still in theaters was the small nod to Han getting frozen in carbonite.

Check it out:

If you recall, this was a scene on Mimban when Han is thrown into a mud pit to be eaten by Chewbacca. For a while, he's thrown deep into the mud, and he resembles Han's look when he's frozen in carbonite by Darth Vader in Cloud City.

Besides that, there are a ton of other Easter Eggs that can be spotted in the film. A closer look at the interior of the Falcon actually shows the city of Bespin, which means that Lando already had his eyes set on Cloud City during the time of Solo. There are also some interesting quirks of L3 that translate into specific moments in the original trilogy, like the sound of her navi-computer, or her banging her head just like Han banging the Falcon's cockpit back to life.


There are sure to be more interesting reveals as more people pore into the movie. You'll just have to stay tuned.

Solo: A Star Wars Story had just hit digital, and will be available on Blu-Ray Sept. 25.

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