So Ji Sub Workout: Doctor Lawyer Star Reveals Tips On How to Stay Fit at 44

Credit: DisneyPlus Hotstar Malaysia / YouTube screenshot

Credit: DisneyPlus Hotstar Malaysia / YouTube screenshot

While rising Korean actors wow viewers with their influence on Hallyu, OG or highly respected stars like So Ji Sub impress the public not just by their accolades of recognition, achievements, and filmography but their undeniably stunning visuals.

At 44, the Oh My Venus star managed to maintain his ripped and swoon-worthy physique.

So Ji Sub Workout: Ho to Be Fit Like the Doctor Lawyer Star?

During his interview for Allure Korea’s beauty feature, the actor explained why he finds exercising scenes more “comfortable” for him.

The K-drama heartthrob revealed that he actually enjoys exercising.

So Ji Sub’s workout routine that he totally loves is swimming and weight training.

“Whether the circumstances permit it or not, exercise is something I do whenever I get the time,” he said, as obtained by an outlet. At the time, he was working on his 2009 drama series Cain and Abel.

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Despite his busy schedule, he squeezes in exercise whenever he has time.

When asked how much a person should exercise to have a body like his, So Ji Sub pointed out that it is not about how much but the feeling of enjoying the workout.

“As a rule, I exercise whenever I have spare time; however, to do that, you have to actually enjoy exercising. If you just have the mentality that “I have to lose this much weight” or “I want this kind of body”, you are only focusing on the result so it’s easy to get sick and tired of it,” he said.

On top of it, the actor said that working out and doing it cheerfully will become a habit, and “you’ll find yourself built in no time.”

During his public appearance for his new movie Alien with Kim Tae Ri, Kim Woo Bin, Ryu Jun Yeol, and more, So Ji Sub is lauded for his youthful look that doesn't seem to age.

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